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At SPA we look to create links with partners who can either provide benefits or professional services for our members – Good value health insurance, PII and other cover and tax support – or services which complement and broaden our members’ offerings. Please give your SPA membership number when contacting our partners

We welcome suggestions of other areas where we can look to establish relationships.

Legal Support

Griffin Law is a niche litigation practice that gives expert advice to individuals and businesses who are involved in disputes of all kinds. The Firm is proud to provide innovative, cost-effective, commercially-oriented, proactive and tenacious legal advice to individuals and businesses in Kent, London and from around the world.

The Firm is unique in guaranteeing to share the risks of litigation with every client through the use of discounted hourly rate conditional fee agreements.

Tax Support

Croner Taxwise provide a range of tax support services from investigation insurance to technical helplines.


Husky helps accountants and employers with every aspect of selecting, setting up and administering auto-enrolment – giving unbiased choice, ensuring compliance and managing all the paperwork.

The result: you’re free to focus on your business with peace of mind you’re meeting your obligations.


Arlington have been providing SPA members with a good value PII scheme for a number of years.
Through their related business Anthony Jones they also provide a wide range of other insurance services, including cover for cyber risks.

Fee Finance

Orchard provide professional fee funding solutions to accounting firms, professionals, and small businesses.

Orchard Professional Fee Funding is a customised financial solution that enables accounting firms to provide extended credit to their business clients, similar to insurance premium funding and leasing.

Private Medical Insurance

HMCA arranges Medical Plans insured by HMCA Insurance Ltd, Gibraltar. HMCA have been providing flexible health insurance plans for SPA members for a number of years.

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