About SPA

  • Formed in early 1996 by our founding Chair Peter Mitchell as ‘Small Practitioners Association’, and in 2003 became The Society of Professional Accountants.
  • A wholly independent association of professionally qualified accountants in small practices.
  • Currently representing some 1000 chartered accountants throughout the UK.
  • Our members provide a high quality, personal and professional service at economic cost.
  • Members are committed to an on-going programme of technical development.
  • All members must carry appropriate indemnity insurance.

How we began…

  • In May 1996 SPA sent a survey to some 11,000 small practitioners receiving 850 responses.
  • Within the ensuing Report issued in September 1996 SPA identified a number of key objectives to be pursued both within and outside the ICAEW.
  • In November 1997 Peter Mitchell was elected to the ICAEW Council for Beds, Bucks and Herts constituency, from which he retired in 2015 and remained as Chairman until his death in September 2017.  Howard Gross is now the Chair, with Nigel Hughes as Vice Chair and David Cleaver as Treasurer.  Currently three SPA members sit on the ICAEW Council.  Howard is an ICAEW London Society elected council member.  He was the founding Chair on ICAEW Practice Committee, the ICAEW Members Board and ICAEW Members and Commercial Board.  Previously he has been President of the London Society.  Nigel is the current Chair of ICAEW Practice Committee on which three other SPA members (including David Sandground) sit.  David Cleaver has been Chair of ICAEW Audit Registration Committee (A.R.C.) and six years on the Practice Assurance Committee (P.A.C), latterly as Chairman.

Our stated policy

SPA’s stated policy is to promote and improve the relationship between members and the ICAEW by providing constructive criticism together with practical proposals for improvements.  Further, to provide commentary and proposals to other authorities influencing our practicing environment.

Our progress

SPA has been successfully fighting the corner of the small practitioner for over 20 years.  Our reliable information sources and authoritative statements are sought and trusted.

SPA continues to make independent representation to government bodies and responds to current issues both within and beyond the ICAEW.

Our Constitution and Rules

You can download (or view) our Constitution and Rules by clicking on the link below:

SPA Constitution and Rules